Fall sewing: George + Ginger RuLo Dress

We’re knee deep in summer in Phoenix (it’s currently 109 today) so it’s safe to say I’ve been ready for fall since…June. Other states have harsh winters where they don’t go outside but for Phoenix, that’s summer for us.

In an attempt to get ahead of my fall sewing so that I can maximize the amount of times I get to wear long sleeves and pants after summer is over, I’ve been trying to plan out what patterns I really wanted to sew up for fall-spring. The last few weeks I’ve been trying to slowly sew up those garments and my most recent make is probably my new favorite.


The George + Ginger RuLo will forever have a soft spot in my heart. In February of 2018 I was feeling confident enough in my sewing to attempt to start throwing my hat in the ring to be a pattern tester and the RuLo was my very first toe dip into the world of pattern testing. I remember being so nervous. I had put so much pressure on myself to make sure my final garment looked nice and that my pictures were up to par with the other testers. I walked away from that test convinced that the pattern testing world wasn’t for me. It all just seemed stressful and put more pressure on what was supposed to be a relaxing hobby. but my fomo kept me signing up when a pattern caught my eye.

February 2018 > August 2019

I had to find the balance between signing up for every test I saw and really deciding if I  had the time, the fabric required, and the available mental space to test something. I struggled for a bit, but I’m happy to say that after 1.5 years of off and on pattern testing I’m now at a place where it’s fun and I’m finally able to pass on the tests I don’t really have time or the fabric budget for and it’s more relaxing and fun now. I haven’t sewn a RuLo up since that first pattern test, mostly from a combination of it getting too hot for sleeves and wanting to sew up different patterns since then.

If you follow all the fabric groups on FaceBook, I’m sure you’ve seen this floral rib knit (*) floating around in a bunch of different colorways. I’ve been wanting to make a fall dress out of it since last year, but again…the weather thwarted my plans and I had to put them on hold until…NOW. I wasn’t really the biggest floral fan when it came to fabric, I lean more towards striped rib knits and neutral solids. Yet, I kept getting drawn to this particular pattern. Maybe it’s because it’s on rib knit which is my one true love? Or maybe it’s because it’s not as busy as the standard floral prints? Whatever it was…I just knew I needed this fabric.


And now, thanks to The Fab Clique, (*) it’s all mine! It’s beautiful and makes me think of sweater weather and pumpkin everything…so it’s basically my new favorite garment. I already have plans to buy at least one more colorway in it for either another dress or maybe a flowy top? Help.

Since this is a rib knit, I found that I didn’t need to lengthen my pattern my usual 1-1.5 inches because it stretched down enough on its own. I used about 3 yards of this to make the single bell sleeve RuLo and even have enough left over to make a scrunchie or two (my favorite scrap buster)!

Are you a floral fabric lover, or do you prefer stripes/neutrals? Does this floral rib knit speak to you like it does me? Or if you already have it, what did you make out of it?

Tell me about a fabric that you found yourself thinking you just HAD to have and what you made with it in the comments!

Happy sewing,



(*) the links in this post with asterisks are affiliate links that give me a small percentage toward future fabric purchases


  • Kristie Anderson

    Would love to join your email list but I can’t find where to enter my info. I love to see garments made by someone who has measurements so close to mine! Keep sewing!

    • Leanne

      I currently don’t have an email list! Stay tuned because I’ll make one if I can figure out how! 😉 Do you follow me on Instagram? That’s where I mainly post about blog updates in the meantime.

  • Jenny M

    Greetings from Tucson! That dress looks fantastic on you, though I’m sweating just at the thought of long sleeves 😉 It’s great to hear from another Arizona clothing sewist! 🌵☀️

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