Welcome to my sewing blog! My name’s Leanne and I’m based out of Phoenix, AZ. I’m a 30ish year old sewist who has the sweetest husband and the 2 cutest cats you’d ever meet.

My love for sewing is a newfound one, but it runs deep already. Growing up my house was full of sewing machines and fat quarters. My mom loved all things Singer and quilting and my aunt dabbled in garment sewing. I’m from a family of craftaholics so I grew up trying anything and everything that held my interest. And honestly? Sewing was very far down on that list.

I was always intimidated by the thought of making something from a piece of fabric. It wasn’t until my best friend starting making her own clothes that I thought I could even attempt to try it myself. I’ll forever be grateful for the inspiration she gave me to start sewing because I’m finding it more and more therapeutic the longer I do it. I do pattern testing as well as selfish sewing and I plan to document it all here.

I hope you’ll stick around and come on this sewing adventure with me! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.