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Dipping my toes back into my sewing blog with the Love Notions Summer Basics

Hello out there!

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I first off want to preface this by saying I fully, fully believe that Black lives matter. They more then matter. They are worthy, beautiful, and inspiring. I believe this country has a long way to go before the Black community feels safe, and it’s sad it’s taken so long for so many to see there’s a problem in the first place. I believe that fighting racism and holding these beliefs is not a political issue, it’s a humanity issue. The Black community deserves better, and I’m educating myself on ways I can help ensure that they get that.

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged, did y’all miss me? After Christmas I had sewing burnout like no other, and then COVID-19 happened and everything was just thrown up in the air. My need to create has slowly been coming back after almost 4 months, and I’ll never take my sewing for granted again.

With the weather warming up fast here (the high last week was…107), my summer wardrobe is in full rotation, which during covid has been bike shorts and tank tops. So when I saw the pattern test call for the expanding of Love Notions Summer Basics tank and dress, I was pretty excited and hopeful it would be true to it’s name and turn into a T+T pattern for me.

The size range for this pattern has been expanded from XS-XXL to XS-5X and it makes me so happy to see this company continuously working to update their backlog of patterns to their new size range. Love Notions genuinely cares about being inclusive to the sewing community and all it’s different members and I’m so happy and proud to be associated with them because of it.

I love the patterns from Love Notions because they all already include a FBA piece for those needing it, and for someone that still hasn’t attempted an FBA on her own…this is life saving for me.

The Summer Basics has three options, tank knee length dress, and maxi length dress…but I have some plans to cut a few crop length to wear with all of my high waisted bottoms.ย  The updated version also has the option for a built in shelf bra which I haven’t tried yet, but the tester feedback for it was really positive! It’s fitted but not skin tight,which means it’s comfortable to wear tucked in or out which is key for me these days. The neckline and armscyes are bindings instead of bands, and I don’t know why, but it makes me feel fancier.

Even with the bindings, it’s a very quick sew and I was able to crank one out in a couple hours in the afternoon no problem. Which probably means I’ll have a closet full of them by July, mark my word. I sewed mine up in a black rib knit, and it’s so soft and comfortable, I didn’t need a reason to be obsessed with rib knits anymore than I already was, but it’s definitely going to be my go to fabric for this pattern.

Are you going to pick the Love Notions Summer Basics pattern up? It’s the Feature Friday pattern today which means you can get it for $5! After today, it’ll be $9 for release week which is still a good steal for a summer staple pattern like this.

Get the LN Summer Basics pattern: here


  • Carol Bartley

    Need to learn about fabrics for my new love notions patterns. I live in Arizona too. Canโ€™t find clothes that fix. Have never sewn well fitted clothes in the pass. Learning to sew all over again. Love your post on love notions.

    • Leanne

      Thank you Carol! Rayon Spandex is always a good lightweight knit for Arizona, as well as rib knits! I would advise staying away from DBP as it’s a heatbox in the summer! Hope you’re having fun rediscovering the joy of sewing your own clothes! <3 Leanne

  • Tamiflu

    I m Jenny Hall, a self-taught seamstress with eclectic taste. I ve dabbled in clothing, corsetry, and softies but took a long hiatus from sewing after making a wedding dress for a friend and feeling thoroughly burnt out. I ve recently dusted off the sewing machine though and, as I m a bit late to the indie-pattern party, I m working my way through some Instagram favourites. I ve been dipping my toes into the world of jersey, thanks to the Tilly stretch book, and can t resist bright colours and cheeky kitsch prints.

  • Colleen

    Hello Leanne – I found your blog as I was looking at a post for the Victory Sofia sewing pattern on the Victory site. You have a fantastic sense of style and proportion! I would totally have overlooked the tank pattern if not for seeing how you’ve cropped it here and paired it with these fantastic … pants?, culottes? Did you make those as well and can you please tell me which pattern you used? A really great look โ€“ love the black with the chambray/denim with your shoes too โ€“ inspiring! Trying to get back to sewing my own clothing again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you –

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