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Love Notions Forte Pattern Review

Have you guys been keeping up with the Love Notions size expansion? When I first started sewing, Love Notions was suggested to me, but I was never able to test their patterns out because I was outside of the size range.

…until now!

For this test, I sewed up the Forte Dress length in view D with bell sleeves. When I first started, I was pretty nervous it wasn’t really going to suit me as it’s fitted at the bust and then it’s relaxed. If you’re thinking that too, my advice is to give it a chance! I also want to throw the word ‘flattering’ in a trash can and never see it again, because I think clothes should be worn because you want to wear them, not because they make your body look some kind of way. Think this pattern looks cute? Sew it! You’re going to look amazing in it because you freaking made it!


I’m trying out a new review template to keep these posts short and to the point, let me know if you prefer them or if you like my more ramble based pattern reviews!


Love Notions Forte Dress Review

  1. Time spent- From print to finish, I think an advanced beginner could knock this out in an afternoon. I was juggling sewing this up with other projects, so it took me a little longer.
  2. Difficulty- intermediate beginner; I think a pretty new beginner could do this pattern if they just take their time! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow along with, which is all you need to attempt a pattern!
  3. Adjustments- I added about an inch to the skirt but maybe half an inch to the bodice piece. I did make a muslin first and saw that I didn’t need the length in my bust as much as I needed it in the skirt part of the pattern.
  4. Fit-
  5. Fabric- I used a comfy, cozy rayon french terry from So Sew English. I can’t find it on her site anymore, but any french terry with a drape would work beautifully for this pattern.
  6. Tips/things to know before cutting- If you’re using a fabric that stretches down a lot, I would be mindful of that when shortening or lengthening your pieces. It might be helpful to make a muslin of it in a similar pattern before you cut your precious fabric, as you want to make sure the bodice piece is hitting where you want it, and that can depend on your fabric choice, or personal preference.
  7. Likelihood that I would make it again- Well when you consider that I already made a top version, I think it’s safe to say this will be a pattern I’ll definitely make again.
  8. Rating- 7/10 ; This pattern has a lot of mix and match options, and I love that Love Notions is working to update their pattern database to their expanded sizing in a timely fashion.

Are you going to pick up the Forte pattern (it’s on sale for $5 so hurry!)? Which view do you want to make first? Tell me all your thoughts!

Happy sewing y’all!




  • Tamae

    Hi! This looks incredible on you! I just wanted to ask – you rated it a 7/10. What are the cons? Is there a similar pattern that you prefer? I really like the style!

    • Leanne

      I just started this review system/rating prompt but in my head anything 6+ was a good rating! I think my only personal con is that the v neck goes deeper than I’m used to but that’s just a comfort thing! If you like the style, I definitely recommend it!

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