Sew Family Jammies – the husband and wife edition

Happy holidays y’all! For those who celebrate Christmas, can you believe it’s officially ONE.WEEK.AWAY?! Where did the time go?! If you’re giving handmade gifts, how is that coming along? I’ve been working the last few weeks to finish two quilts and all the garments (98% of which are for me…) and the finish line is in sight!

Speaking of sewing all the garments…it’s my turn today on the Sew Family Jammies blog tour!

As a lover of all things cheesy/matchy matchy/theme, I’ve always wanted to have everyone in my family wear matching pajamas for Christmas, but…being a plus size person can make it really difficult to find cute pajamas that match everyone else’s. I’m so thankful that my sewing skills allow me to make my dreams a reality thanks to the sewing community continuing on the path of size inclusiveness.

When it came to picking my patterns, I knew I would be using the RAD Patterns Long John Jammers, because not only does Stephanie offer a women’s and men’s option, her patterns are very size inclusive so I knew it would be a win for both of us. The women’s jammers go up to a 68″ hips, and the men’s go up to a 65″ hip.

I used this buffalo plaid french terry from So Sew English and it’s so soft and cozy and my husband comments on how comfortable his pants are anytime he wears them.

A few months ago, I tested the men’s Jordan shirt pattern from Made for Mermaids (up to a 48″ waist) for my husband and it was a big hit with him. He’s a tall guy (6’3) and always has trouble with t-shirts not being long enough. The men’s Jordan has a tall option and it’s a perfect length for him. He’s gone so far as to say he doesn’t want to buy shirts anymore because these are better. So when it came to the PJ top, this pattern was a given for him.

For me, I love RAD patterns so much, and they recently released a new slouchy tee pattern and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out! Not only does this shirt pattern go up to a 77″ bust but it’s also a unisex pattern, which is just the best!

The fabric from the shirts was so kindly given to me by Grace of Maker Mountain Fabrics! I wanted the sleeve details and neckbands to be the pop of color in our pajamas, so I was immediately drawn to this Ruby Wink jersey knit fabric from Birch Fabrics. It’s such a beautiful red and gives our pajamas that Christmas pizazz without looking like Christmas threw up all over us (which I honestly love and had to restrain myself from doing). For the body of the shirt, I went with this Snow White jersey knit because it seemed like it would coordinate with the Wink so well.

I’m so excited to finally be living my best life of matching pajamas and I’m hoping to make this a holiday tradition in my house. Maybe next year I’ll make the cats an outfit (totally kidding…probably).

Who are you making pajamas for? Which patterns did you pick and why?

Happy holiday sewing y’all,



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  • Lia

    Your jimjams are so cute, and I’m jealous of your kitty-ful home! I don’t generally get FOMO over party dresses or anything but seeing all the cozy pajamas on this tour is making me wonder why I wear daytime clothes at all. 😀

    • Leanne

      Cozy makes are where it’s at! I’ll pick a cozy outfit over a dress or anything fancy 99.99% of the time!

      It’s not too late to make pajamas, you can wear them after Christmas!

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