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Sewist gift guide 2019

Does anyone else feel like they’re just getting asked “what do you want for Christmas?” 24/7 now? With Christmas only 5 1/2 weeks away, I guess it shouldn’t be so shocking, but I know it can be overwhelming nonetheless.

…Especially when you have no idea what to ask for.

In my own quest to find some sewing related presents to throw on my wishlist this year, I thought it might be helpful to put some ideas together for a sewist gift guide for those who need some gift inspiration around here.

I’m going to try to break it down by categories, and I’ll go in increasing order as far as pricing is concerned. I never want to assume anyone’s budget so I tried to go all over the range as far as pricing is concerned – I in no way expect anyone to be throwing a $2000 sewing machine on their list!

Sewing Machines:

  • Brother CS5055 Sewing Machine pricepoint: $134.99 @ Joann  – I do not personally have this machine, but there was a point where I was between machines and I used this one for a few days and it was really nice for the price!
  • Singer 4452 Heavy Duty: $179.99 @ Joann – a lot of people recommend this if you’re just starting out and looking for a new machine!
  • Eversewn Sparrow 25: $329.99 @ Amazon – my first new sewing machine was the Eversewn Sparrow 30 (now the Sparrow 30s – I think?) and while I had some problems with it, those ended up being from a factory malfunction. When it worked it was a beautiful machine and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Sparrow 25, I know a lot of places use these as classroom machines.
  • Bernina B435: $1999 from your local Bernina dealer – I know the prices of this one is ridiculous, but I couldn’t make a sewing machine category and not have mine in there. It’s the most beautiful machine I’ve ever set eyes on, and the way it sews makes me SO happy. If you’re in the market for a Bernina, I highly recommend going to a local dealer as they’re always running sales and deals that you can’t get online. I definitely didn’t pay the listing price for mine.

With all of these machines, I really recommend going in to test them out somewhere if you can! As it’s prime holiday shopping time, this is the time of year you’re most likely to get a comparable price in person as you would online, and as someone who has had to bring a broken machine in, having that expertise and ties to a store are really worthwhile! I brought my Eversewn back to the sew & vac I got it from and ended up being sent an entirely new model as it was determined it was a factory fault that broke it.

Sewing notions:

  • Thread Snips: $5.99 @ Amazon – I have these are use them every day! You get 3 for $5.99 and you just can’t beat that price. *Stocking stuffer friendly!*
  • Ponderosa Thread Gloss: $6-$13 – I may be biased because I’m a Thread Gloss ambassador but I love this thread conditioner so much. Paige handcrafts the yummiest scents that make hand sewing even more relaxing than I already find it. This is particularly great for quilters, but I use it every time I have to hand sew anything onto a garment, because let’s be honest…no one has time for knot detangling! My favorite scent is hands down her Cascade Blend, it smells like Christmas trees and my heart just can’t handle it. *You can use code: THREADYFORIT to get 10% off the price*
  • Clover flathead pins: $9.39 @ Amazon – I used to be strictly a clip person when sewing, but these flathead pins completely changed my mind. If there’s a part of your garment that you need to match up and you don’t want to unpin it until the last second before it goes under the needle, you need these! They let you get right next to your needle before you have to pull them out. *Great stocking stuffer!*
  • Clips: $9.99 @ Amazon – seriously…can you ever have enough of these? *They make a great stocking stuffer too!*
  • 28mm rotary cutter: $12.66 @ Amazon – My beautiful best friend, Amanda, opened my eyes to the wonder of the 28mm rotary cutter when I visited her last January and I don’t know how I lived without it. It comes in so handy for those tight curves in garments, and anything to avoid having to break out the fabric scissors…right?
  • pincushion, pincushion! Various prices – fall into the Etsy pincushion hole with me! I think a fun pincushion is such a cute addition to your sewing space, it adds personality in the simplest way!

Sewing themed goodies:

  • Sew Dainty acrylic scissor necklace: $18-$19.50 roughly (prices are in pounds) – I have the lilac version of this, and I LOVE it. Kathy is the sweetest person, and her sewing/knitting themed accessories are so cute! (Since it would be coming from the UK, this might arrive after Christmas, but you could stick a picture of this in a little box and have the necklace just shipped to whoever you’re gifting it to!)
  • Crafted moon sewing art prints: $$9-$18 – I’m not sure about you guys, but my sewing space is covered in all the sewing related art prints. From the walls, to my desk, to my pegboard…any spare space has a print haphazardly stuck in it. I think prints are a great gift, because it adds personality and color to a sewing space! I think I might add: this, this, or this (yes..that’s knitting related- my newest obsessive hobby!) to my wishlist! Which is your favorite?
  • TKBprints screenprint sewing shirts: $22-$28 (S-4X sizing!!) – I put a couple of these on my Christmas list, and because I’m impatient…I bought the Sewhappy one for myself and it’s so comfy. I love it. I mean…anything that has sewing on it goes straight on my list…anyone else like that?
  • Sewing needle ring: $50+ – This is another find from Amanda. She sent me a link to a sewing needle ring a few months ago, and I’ve been regularly obsessing over them since, hence why it’s at the very top of my wishlist. It’s just so beautiful and dainty – right up my alley when it comes to jewelry I gravitate to.

Other suggestions:

  • Fabric, fabric, fabric! Some indie fabric companies have gift cards available, but a lot don’t. If you want some fabric inspiration, some of my favorite fabric companies are: Mily Mae Fabrics, Bow Button Fabrics, Imagine Gnats, Stone Mountain, Sincerely Rylee, Maker Mountain Fabrics, The Fab Clique. If the company you like doesn’t have a gift card option, you can always send links for the fabric you’d want directly with the quantity specified, or make it easier on everyone and just ask for money specifically for fabric!
  • Paper patterns! I’m 98% a PDF pattern lady, but I’ve recently made exactly 1 paper pattern, and it wasn’t awful. Plus- the paper patterns are great at doubling as artwork to display in your space (I currently have 100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No 1, and Grainline’s Reed Skirt displayed in my sewing space)!

Are any of these ideas being added to your wish list? If you’re shopping FOR a sewist- was this helpful? I hope it was!

Leave some of your sewing related gift ideas below!

Happy sewing y’all,



  • Kathy

    Such a lovely range of ideas, and lots of things that I haven’t seen before. Thank you for all your helpful research, and of course I’m so flattered that you mentioned my scissors necklace, it has really made my day! X

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