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Testing the Yanta Overalls

April was a busy, busy month for me. My sister in law was getting married in the middle of it, then it was my 30th birthday, and then my husband had a work trip to San Francisco that I tagged along to. Before we left, I told myself I wouldn’t sign up for a pattern test while we were out of town, but when Helen sent out the tester call email for these overalls…I resisted for a whole 15 minutes.

Knowing that I’d have access to my aunt’s sewing machine and serger while visiting New Orleans, I quickly changed my mind and signed up. It was actually really fun to get to hang out with my aunt while she watched me sew these up and helped me on some of the trickier parts of this pattern. I’m kind of a lazy sewist when it comes to everything being perfect and my aunt is the actual opposite so it was a lot of “this looks fine” followed by a stern “if you’re going to do it, do it right”, but in the end I think these overalls are the most professional looking garment I’ve sewn do date…so I should probably thank her for pushing me, right?

These overalls are a woven overall that come in a shorts length and a pants length. You can also pick between inseam pockets or patch pockets for the front. The two parts I was the most scared of for this test were the pockets (this pattern has FIVE of them!) and the back strap section. The pockets were actually a breeze to sew, but I did have some trouble with the back strap section because of all of the bulk while trying to connect the facing with the rest of the garment. The back can be difficult, but I promise you can conquer it! It just takes some patience and an acceptance that you might need to seam rip it a few times until it looks as it should.

I made these in the size 30 but after my muslin, I decided to grade out and create a 32 for my waist and hips since my waist measures outside of Helen’s measurement for the size 30. This was my first time grading out when there wasn’t a bigger size already to grade to, but Helen was so helpful in explaining to me how to go about creating the size 32. If I was home for this test, I think I could definitely have finished it in one day, but since I was out of town and visiting family, I was able to work on my final version in 2-3 hour chunks over a 3 day period. This was a fun yet challenging sew and I came out of it feeling like a much more confident sewist, and that’s always the goal with each garment I sew.

For my final overalls, I really stepped out of my comfort zone by choosing a tropical print over a solid. I really wanted to look like vacation dad but cute and I think I succeeded! I am really proud of this garment I created. It made me love woven clothes even more and it made me an even bigger fan of Helen’s patterns.

My rating of the Yanta Overalls:

  1. Pattern instructions: 10/10
  2. Sewing level: Intermediate
  3. Pattern difficulty: 5/10
  4. Ease of pattern assembly: 9/10
  5. Overall rating: 8/10

Are you planning on sewing some Yantas up for the summer? Let me know if you pick it up! I’d love to see your take on them.

The Yantas are currently on sale this week! You can pick them up at:

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  • Diane

    Wow love these, this is the pattern I have been searching for! I have a 60″ hip and really want to make some summer garden overalls in a pretty fabric, yours look perfect. Well done and thank you for sharing

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