Trying the Helen’s Closet Gilbert Dress Hack // Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Tour 2020

Can you smell the pumpkin…everything? It’s officially my favorite time of year (besides December!)…it’s fall y’all!

If I’m being honest though, I’ve been pretending it was fall since the end of August. My thinking is…the sooner fall comes, the sooner the end of the year is here. 2020 has been a doozy, to put it lightly, and I know that we’re all ready to leave it behind.

I don’t know about y’all, but when it comes to fabric, when I picture fall garments, one of the big fabric bases I can see in my mind is…corduroy, corduroy, corduroy. So I’m personally really excited to show you the Gilbert Dress hack I did with this very yummy terracotta corduroy from Style Maker Fabrics. This is a shirting weight corduroy, so it’s perfect for tops and dresses. It’s just sturdy enough to hold it’s shape, but not so stiff that it’s uncomfortable, and it’s actually surprisingly soft. I’ve gotten corduroy from some Big Box fabric stores before and didn’t like how stiff and harsh they felt, so I was so excited when I got this beauty in the mail and it actually felt nice to touch. So it’s safe to say this is hands down my favorite corduroy I’ve ever worked with. If the feel of the fabric didn’t win me over, the color absolutely would have.

If I had any fun fall plans for this year, this would be the dress I would wear for them. But I don’t, so you can bet I’ll be wearing this to garden centers (the only place I go right now) the second it’s cool enough outside.

Helen already did an entire blog about lengthening her Gilbert: here, so I’m not going to go into too much of that process. If you’ve never made this pattern before, I definitely recommend a muslin of the shirt length just to make sure the darts are in the right place for you and to check the fit overall.

Once you have the fit down, Helen recommends at least 5″ of ease in the hips, so I just went to the finished garment measurements and picked that hip size accordingly. I did end up having to grade out two sizes from my bust to my hips, but her patterns always include very helpful diagrams on how to do that! For the length, she stated she did 20″ extra, so I started there and kind of just held the pattern piece up in a mirror and adjusted accordingly.

I loved, loved, loved sewing with this corduroy. The only thing I was worried about was all of the buttonholes through a thicker fabric, but since this is shirting it wasn’t an issue at all, and I managed to get all the buttonholes complete without a single problem (a true miracle!). If you, like me, live in a place where fall maybe is 80 degree days, this would be perfect with some cute sneakers or booties. If you live somewhere that gets actual seasons, I think this dress would be a great transition piece until you reach the days where you can’t have your bare legs exposed. You could also make a long sleeve shirt out of this fabric for a great layering piece to wear through the end of the year.

What’s your favorite fall fabric and what do you like to make with it? Are you a corduroy lover like me? Because if you are…I highly recommend this fabric for all those cozy fall outfit needs.

Read more about the new Style Maker Fabric collection: here and tell me what your favorite fabric in it is!

Up next on the blog tour is the lovely Shannon if Indoor Shannon, so hop on over to see her post tomorrow (9/23).

I hope everyone is still staying safe out there, and I hope sewing is a wonderful escape for each of y’all,


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